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Field Service Management Solution for Industries

Our all-in-one award winning field service management application provides all industries features that they need, at a price they can afford. Our users have been optimizing their processes and services in all the industries. The main industries are listed below. 


Telecom businesses can benefit with great service delivery capabilities of our system. Home installations of equipment and cable boxes can be scheduled easily. Our many customers are managing customer service work orders, new installations, repair requests from customers. The equipment issue and rentals can be tracked with Field force Tracker steps in to aid that very need. Our field force management solutions ensure that there is critical time management and right deployment of the field task force for every job.

Home Maintenance Services

Field Force Tracker and Work Force Tracker both can be used in a variety of businesses. Whether you are an HVAC company or providing plumbing or electrical services, our software will perfectly meet all your needs. You can generate work orders, schedule employees, keep track of parts and inventory, and do invoicing or quotes. With our award winning software, it is easy to manage your business and position it for the growth.

IT and Office Equipment

Field Service Automation Software for IT and Office equipment companies can save them a lot of time. Field Force Tracker eliminates slow, repetitive, and manual processes with job management software for computer repair businesses so you can spend more time on the things you love. Our Photocopier module is used by hundreds of photocopier maintenance companies. IT companies are using it to maintain all kind of equipment.

Manufacturing and Heavy Machinery

When equipment is down, production stops, resources are wasted, and revenue is lost. Our Field Service Software’s equipment maintenance features allow you to increase equipment uptime by creating recurring preventive maintenance work orders, extending the Customer Portal to operators for real-time issue reporting, tracking equipment service histories, and more. Customizable reports also help you forecast parts needs and equipment replacements.

Facilities and Property Maintenance

Field Force Tracker and Work Force Tracker help property owners, management firms, and facilities manage work orders, staff, and subcontractors. Whether you’re looking for the best maintenance management solution for your university campus, hospital, or municipal building, or run a building maintenance company, Field Force Tracker’s customer portal makes tracking and reporting on work order loads easy while helping to accurately forecast staffing needs and requirements.

Building and Construction Services

Whether its installation or maintenance that you specialize in, Field Force Tracker is experienced in offering a field service app for construction companies that makes it easier for construction field service companies to improve comfort, functionality, efficiency and safety for the buildings and customers you service. Our field service app for construction companies that offers building and construction service providers a direct path to top-line growth. We do this by making it effortless to improve customer service. At the same time, we also automate processes that increase productivity and operational efficiency.

Medical Equipment and Healthcare

Field Force Tracker’s unique medical equipment tracking features make it an ideal solution for medical facilities, and life science/Biomedical device companies. The ability to generate detailed service histories reduces costs through the elimination of inefficient paperwork. It build stronger ties with your customers. You can use Customer Portal which allows you to meet the ever-increasing demands of patient safety initiatives. If you’re looking for a medical and life sciences maintenance software that’s easy to set up and use, and will deliver incredible results, you’ve found it..

Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries

In the highly regulated oil and gas industry, maintenance, inspections, and compliance are critical. Maintain the most vital records of oil and gas systems, automate maintenance schedules, and be up to date on all your inspections with an oil and gas field service software that will have your maintenance teams working at peak efficiency. Field Force Tracker can help you deliver top services in this industry.