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Medical and Health Care Services

Our Work Force Tracker (WFT) is a perfect solution for many remote care services in the health care industry. Scheduling of home care providers, medical lab sample collections, keeping track of food and medicine delivery are some of the functions where Work Force Tracker can help. You can track your providers, collect time sheets, give traveling directions and use custom forms with patient or customer signatures.

Our Field Service Solutions let your maximize your productivity at a price you can afford. 

Easy Scheduling of Caregivers or Sample Collections Tasks

Create work orders and schedule caregivers or medical staff with detailed instructions. You can automatically schedule recurring appointments. Powerful mobile apps for field workers help them never miss an appointment or lose directions to the facility or a client.

Power of Mobile Apps for Field Staff

Mobile app provides ability to look at forthcoming tasks, get directions and update locations. The manage in the offices can see locations of care givers at all time. They can also see time sheets for accurate billing to the client and insurance companies.

Custom Forms For Data Gathering

You can set up any custom form to gather data with ability to capture customer signature and photos. Forms can be filled with the mobile app and are automatically available within a job. They can be printed in the custom format in pdf and sent to others.

Real Time View of Entire Operation

Real-time information is critical to the business. Track real-time info on employee locations, availability, number of current and upcoming jobs, and efficiency through single Dashboard. Capture time sheets and other travel data.

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Medical and Health Care solutions

  • Integrated Sales CRM – Work Force Tracker software offer integrated lightweight Sales CRM module. You can keep track of your sales staff job assignments, lead status, pipelines progress etc. You can integrate your own custom forms with customer signatures.
  • Easy and intuitive UI – Both Field Force Tracker and Work Force Tracker software offer an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that makes the entire field service management process seamless for you and field technicians.
  • Smart Scheduling and dispatching – Both Field Force Tracker and Work Force Tracker allow the service manager to optimize schedules for his sales and service and field crews and then dispatch them to jobs accordingly. You can do appointment management.
  • Invoicing and billing – The Field Service Management (FSM) software enables the service technician to effectively carry out payment procedures without any manual errors and complexities.
  • Employee Real Time Location Tracking – You can easily track location of your employees at all times. GPS enabled applications are available for iPhone an Android phones.
  • Integration with Service Management – Our Field Force Tracker FSM software offers superior features to manage your installed assets and parts inventory. So you can have full integration of sales and service teams if needed.
  • Expense Reporting and Custom Forms – Our software provides you with the ability to get expense reports from field staff. You can also make them fill special custom sales form.
  • Reporting and Analytics – FSM software offers you the ability to capture business data and insights and enables you to make more informed business decisions by running reports and evaluating analytics. This ensures higher operational efficiency and productivity of your business.


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